The Protein Madness

As a general rule, a good healthy eating habit will suffice you through your pregnancy, of course, if you don’t have serious medical conditions.  However, things can become complicated when pregnant with multiples. Babies compete for nutrients. So, it is extremely important one eats enough to give babies a chance! One of the major risks I had during my pregnancy was twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTS) – a situation where the blood supply of one twin moves to the other through the shared placenta. One way to address this is to give your body enough nutrients so that all your multiples can get enough for their growth. My doctor said “you need to eat 100 grams of protein everyday if you want to come and see me next.”

Now, being a vegetarian, you can imagine, getting 100 grams of protein everyday can be a very big challenge. So, being married to a computer scientist, I had no other choice but to approach this challenge with baby steps (literally!).

  1. We bought a small kitchen weighing scale so that whatever I ate, I could measure and calculate my protein intake. Not to say other nutrients are not important!
  2. We charted the nutritional values of principal foods like rice, lentils, milk, cheese, quinoa, nuts, yogurts, cereals, breads, etc. You name it and we had it!
  3. We’d put up a weekly food chart where we wrote down the protein count for each meal I ate. I’d put it on my refrigerator where me and my husband could easily access it.
  4. We discussed these charts with my care provider at every hospital visit and improvised on the go.

So far, so good. We had the ground set for my care. But we hit a road block. My pregnancy food hormones! I wanted something nice and yummy always! So how to we get all this nutrition and still get a yummy platter on the table? Coming up next – What to cook and how!


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