Life with Twins

Oh, your hands are full!

Few days ago, I was out for a usual evening walk in the park with both my girls. I met a cute little two-year old, who was extremely inquisitive to see two babies. Her dad said, “twins!” I smiled in anticipation of the next comment – oh your hands are full! To my surprise he said, “wow, double the cuteness.” More than being happy, I was grateful that he could see the positive side of having twins!

In my ten-month – almost eleven-month old life as a mom of twins, I have come across several entertaining comments from people around me. The one that tops the chart is “Oh my god, your hands are full.” Some people have been extremely encouraging during my pregnancy as well, “oh my god, you are going to grow so big.”

Well, it is not their fault, in fact it is no one’s fault. It is basic human nature to count troubles first and then the blessings. In my pre-twin life, I would have got upset or even offended with such remarks. but after having twins, I realized, I have better things to take care of. So, I decided to laugh on it. Here are some comments I have personally encountered:

Oh, dear your hands are full.
Well more than hands our hearts and home is full of giggles, fun, and love.

You are going to grow so big.
This was given during my pregnancy by a family member. I wish I could reply, “what do you think, I am delivering a peanut?”

Let’s go out for lunch.
Of course! The idea of a lunch or dinner is slightly different for me. I usually enjoy time in the changing room as each baby takes around 15 minutes to change, which is approximately 30 minutes of diaper change during 1.5 hours of lunch. Another 10-15 minutes I will like to spend in making them sit in their high chair. Another 15 minutes I attempt to distract them with toys. And finally when I would have settled them, it would be either time for their lunch or a nap! Phew, guess what – people said one thing right – time flies! An hour just flew by!

Double the trouble.
Is your single baby single trouble? Kids are not a trouble. Commandeering twins or multiples requires skills that only a few can aspire to get.

I don’t know how you do it.
I was given super powers on the day my babies were born. A lightening bolt struck me and my husband and we suddenly has the courage and power for raising twins!

Parents of multiples don’t get special powers during and after pregnancy. We are normal people who have just risen up to the occasion and we are genuinely trying to do our best.

Why don’t you guys go out for few hours and I will look after the twins. Well my dear friend, I am sure you are perfectly capable of handling babies. However, handling twins is a slightly different game. Do you really want to decide what to clean first – poop or vomit?

Are they natural?
Somewhere I read, it is like asking – Nice boobs, are they natural! The most insensitive question of all times! While they could go the other way and ask if twins were conceived using fertility treatments, I truly believe it is none of their business. I would rather say, they were conceived by “fu!@#$%!

Do twins run in your family?
Do singletons run in your family? You really are interested in our family history?


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