Life with Twins

The Conundrum Mom

Gradening concept with mother and daughter

As I write this post, I am sitting in the balcony at 6 A.M. in the morning after having a rough night with my one-year twin daughters. I am forced to ponder. Not because I had a rough night, but just to get few minutes of peaceful morning time, I gave my second in order daughter her blanket to suck, and first in order daughter is almost hanging by the bed side, but I am mustering the courage not to go inside and disturb her – just in case she wakes up! What a conundrum – to do or not to do! 

So yes, am I a spoilt mom? Or just a regular human being who is craving for few minutes of peace so that she can do what she likes? I am sure you all would fall for the later!

In my life as a mom of twin girls, I, like all other great moms, come across various conundrums, like

  • Let her have this, I at the least, can have a cup of tea peacefully. (Oh, I love my tea time!)
  • Let us give kids a feed at middle of the night so that mornings are peaceful. 
  • It is fine if she sucks her blankie, atleast one of them falls asleep on her own. 
  • I don’t want to stop giving them bottles after the 15th month milestone, my life is easy right now. 
  • I will wait to potty train them. Especially if you are an Indian, there is a race to potty train your kids and a certain pride if you can do it as early as possible. 
  • …and the list goes on! 

And when you are such a mom, you constantly fret and fear things as well. And that fret and fear, at least for me, causes extreme emotions, which often comes out in a form that I would not call NICE!

And then I think…in reality all of us moms are doing our best with what life gives us, and each of us struggle and triumph in different ways. Some moms are better teachers, some are better at making kids eat food peacefully, some are more sensitive to their children’s emotions, and so on.  We probably don’t need anyone to take a notice, but we need ourselves – to have faith in our strengths and take a moment to learn along the way.

So, yes, I take pride in being a conundrum mom, because I know, I am the best for my twinies!

Hail to all moms! Until next conundrum…! 

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