Life with Twins

When we were pregnant with identical twins, we did not spend anytime at all about how we are going to take care of them. Our ultimately goal was to ensure that I have a healthy pregnancy. I, in particular decided not to read anything online or become a google doctor. And this helped me stay calm and mentally healthy throughout my pregnancy. All I concentrated on was working (aka writing) out what we need to do for maintaining our sanity post delivery.

Here are top 5 things that I had written down. For the first year I realized that these were an absolute time saver and sanity checker. Trust me, first year with twins just concentrate on time saving techniques!

  1. Shop online as much you can

Prepare a list of items you will need on a regular basis and otherwise. Shop online, as much you can, including your groceries. You can use the “subscribe and save” option on several online websites and order everyday items for babies. Use this option to order at least:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper Cream
  • Garbage Bags or Diaper Genie Bags
  • Massage Oil
  • Bathing Soap
  • Nail Cutter
  • Infant Comb
  • Swaddles and Blankets
  • Formula
  • Set up automatic bill payments, so that when twins arrive you don’t have late charges in your bills.

2. Keep two sets of everything

Twins come in two, so does their needs! Time is of essence when it comes to taking care of your new borns and maintaining sanity. Prepare two sets of EVERYTHING so that whoever is helping you in the initial days can work alongside you. Things you can do in sets are:

  • Keep two diaper changing stations ready
  • 8 diapers each day, each baby – so you need to plan for 16 diapers per day
  • 1 diaper cream each day – see my post on how to avoid diaper rash with no diaper rash cream.
  • One wet, non-fragnant wipe packet each
  • Sets of changing clothes – keep them ready to be fetched
  • Burb cloths – 2 per baby
  • Even sets of feeding bottles – I kept 8 feeding bottles so that I don’t have to wash them after each feed
  • Last, 2 cribs – you sleep peacefully for few hours and let the babies also sleep peacefully! Period.

Always keep your diaper bag ready to go. Keep two sets of clothes, changing pads (so that you and your partner can change each baby), schedule doctor appointments around their napping schedules.

3. Breastfeeding Strategy

One of the most challenging times with twins is breastfeeding them. Should you do it in tandem, one at a time, only pump and give bottles, the choices are several. What you need to do is talk with your partner or whoever is helping you and see what works best for everyone!

I never could muster the courage to tandem feed my babies. It was just TOO much. So, I did one at a time. I use to breastfeed one baby and my husband/parents fed the other baby. We ensured both are fed at the same time, which meant they pooped and slept at the same time! Here is when two changing stations come in handy. And then I would switch babies for next round of feeding. Additionally, I breastfed them twice each baby, and rest of the time I pumped and gave bottles. This way I could rest a lot while others fed the babies.

4. Twins Schedule

Managing schedule with twins is the most trickiest part. If you don’t want to follow anything I have written till now, then don’t. BUT, do follow this! Put your twins on the same schedule – for your life, sanity, well being, and speedy recovery! This is the best advice I have followed till now and it has helped me manage my twins with much ease.

Keep a log of their diaper changes, feeding time, and medicines. Don’t trust your memory. WRITE IT DOWN.

We are very strict on one thing – twin schedule. We managed all our outings, activities, work around twins schedule. It is a non-negotiable thing for us. For this, we have sacrificed many play dates, dinners, outings but today after two years of hard work we are reaping the benefit of it. With lock down on our faces, we are able to manage both kids with much ease and sanity! And we get time to do lot of books, play, art and craft, etc.

5. Stock up on important gadgets

When you have to take care of twins on your own, you need to save all your energy from other work. Some gadgets and techniques that really helped me save time from household chores are Roomba, Laundry Sorter (trust me, it is a big time saver), Philips AVENT Sterilizer, and Philips glass bottles for feeding (easy to load in dishwasher). So, stock up on these to make your life easier and free up some time, may be for walk, a web series, or just reading a book.

Everyone will tell you one thing – first year of twins is hard. Trust me, it is VERY hard, crazy, sleepless, and insane. But keeping these tricks in our kitty we survived well and more important we are alive and married! 🙂


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