Meal Planning for Toddlers

Fresh food preparation is usually a challenge when time is short and you have hungry twins hanging on to your leg. And now more so as everyone is home due to lock down. I have even lesser time in kitchen than earlier as girls are pulling me in different directions seeking attention. However, I am… Continue reading Meal Planning for Toddlers

Life with Twins

Engage Your Toddlers in COVID-19 Times

Mother and daughter paint eggs. Family in a kitchen. Hello Everyone, Times are difficult. And dealing with multiple variables at a time makes it extremely challenging - working parents, kids at home, lines everywhere, declining supplies and increasing frustration of working from home with no avenue to socially engage yourself and your children. Well,… Continue reading Engage Your Toddlers in COVID-19 Times


What does food mean to you?

Each pregnancy is unique and beautiful in its own way. And therefore, the word “food” sends different signals for different people during this special phase. You’ll find plethora of advice online on pregnancy and nutrition. Combine this with the constant barrage of conflicting dietary advice, will often leave you thinking to eat or not to… Continue reading What does food mean to you?