Parenting is a learning and rewarding journey. And when life gives you a surprise in form of multiples, you know it is double the work but double the love as well. Being a parent is a work-in-progress. When you have multiples, it is work-in-progress but, only for few years. Because before you will know, your multiples will grow up to have the strongest bond ever and that you will be free to enjoy that movie you missed or a vacation getaway you gave up few years back.

However, getting there is tough. Anxiousness slowly creeps in from the first ultrasound visit onward. While I do not intend to erase that anxiousness; you need to go through it to grow; I am creating this blog as a small helping tool to manage and ultimately start accepting and liking it. 🙂 Raising multiples  is difficult and rewarding, but each stage has moments that teaches the family a lot about patience and multi-tasking. And I am certain, this only gets better and raising twins will be the hardest job you’ll ever love.

If you like my blog, please leave a comment. If you are a parent or a grandparent of multiples, I’d love you hear your experiences and recommendations.



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