About Me

Birth of Twinspiration (Twins + Inspiration)

It was the typical Boston winter of February 2017. That day, the weather was usually warm, enough to get out in a dress. I had an afternoon meeting for which I was part nervous and part excited. I was about to meet with a very senior person in the User Experience Design industry and get some feedback on my work as a UX freelancer.

I would usually wait a week or two. But my heart gave into the fight my mind was putting up and I took the test only to find that we were pregnant. While it was a happy news, I could not believe it. I took the test again. I recall making my husband run to the nearest pharmacy to get a third kit – “just in case.” All three tests confirmed we were pregnant. With a looming meeting and a queasy feeling, I left home. On the way, we stopped at my doctor’s and they confirmed it by saying “I am very much pregnant.” Phew! Thoughts racing our minds, we both decided not to talk. We quietly sat in a coffee shop and worked.

Fast forward 8 weeks, we had our first appointment at the Brigham and Women’s Maternal Fetal Medicine unit. The doctor said the words, which I am very certain my husband and I will never forget – “There are two heartbeats!”. Yes, we had conceived twins – identical twins. Now this is what I call NEWS – SHOCK – SURPRISE – SPEECHLESS MOMENT – TIME STOPPING MOMENT – EVER SMILING MOMENT. Our hearts missed a beat. Yes, we had naturally conceived identical twins. Naturally!

Fast forward, I am a mom to healthy and happy twins who are busy discovering the world as they are growing up. This blog is dedicated to them. They are my inspiration and motivation to pen down some tips and tricks I have learned being a mom of multiples.