What does food mean to you?

Each pregnancy is unique and beautiful in its own way. And therefore, the word “food” sends different signals for different people during this special phase. You’ll find plethora of advice online on pregnancy and nutrition. Combine this with the constant barrage of conflicting dietary advice, will often leave you thinking to eat or not to eat.

Now, you’ll have a different eating experience when pregnant with multiples. You will mostly not able to eat a lot throughout your pregnancy. This is primarily because you have more than one baby in there. Your stomach is becoming way smaller. What does this mean? It means you need to plan your meals smartly and not compromise on your nutrition. You need to tell yourself that the word “diet” is actually total sum of food consumed. In other words, it’s what you eat! Unfortunately, when we begin trying to figure out what our diet ‘should’ consist of, we’re often left with more questions than answers. While carrying multiples, it’s all about tuning into your body and eating smartly, but how do we do that?

So, here I am, sharing my food journey during my twin pregnancy. It has allowed me to stay active till the last day of my pregnancy. I could walk, exercise, drive as well (if my husband allowed!), and even punch my husband hard (and put the blame on hormones). And yes, I am a vegetarian who does not even consume egg!  All of this has been possible only with mindful and holistic eating habit and of course my sweetheart – my husband.


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